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It is said that by 30, 30% of men experience male-pattern baldness, with 10% more joining their ranks after each passing decade. Luckily, WigEnvy offers stylish solutions to this epidemic by providing high-quality wigs and hairpieces made from 100% real men’s hair. Our high-quality men’s wigs and hairpieces come in a variety of colors and cuts that have each been hand-selected for their quality and workability. All of our systems have specialized or unique hand-tied features, allowing for a variety of looks from the same system. We use the finest quality materials available to give our clients the best in comfort and natural-looking appearance. Don’t let time take away your style—reclaim your look with one of our high-quality men’s wigs, and no one will be the wiser. Try on one our men’s wigs and hairpieces online before your purchase using our WigSim app!